Story Engine

I’m taking a short break from the game to work on a large background project – a story engine.

Those games that let you make a handful of choices throughout the game that change the ending? (e.g. Skyrim) I’m aiming to make it possible to make any choice you want at any time and have it affect how other characters perceive you and how they interact with you – a universe in which the NPCs have a back story, relationships, motives, hobbies and jobs.

A totally immersive universe in which there could be gods, demons, zombies, super heroes, space travel and aliens or as simple as 3-year-old’s books entirely populated with red balls, small puppies and children playing with both.

I’d also like to add time travel.

Does this sound like something worth pursuing?

Comments welcome!


P.S. For reasons the Engine is codenamed Columbo.