Improved senses

In playtesting, Touch Of Darkness was proving very confusing just to work out which way was up, let alone which way you were facing.

Obviously it’s supposed to be disorienting but it shouldn’t be possible to lose your own hands. That would be careless.

I’ve made some changes so you should generally know where your hands are, and now as you look up and down there’s a faint horizon line that helps you orient.

It’s getting towards being able to navigate your way around a level without relying on luck.


New Audio Dynamite

Not really dynamite, but there are now fire and dripping sounds added to Touch Of Darkness – really adds ambience to the levels and also helps with navigating (quieter/louder as you get closer or further away, 3D audio so you can tell which direction it’s coming from).

Also you can feel the heat from the fire so you know what direction it’s coming from and walls cast a heat shadow so you know when something’s blocking line of sight with it.