Augmented Reality in Unreal Engine 4

A lot of people seem to think I make Unreal4AR. To be clear, I am just a user of Unreal4AR, I do not produce or provide it.

The site for that is

Here’s how to set up Unreal4AR from scratch (the documentation gets you to copy an existing small project in and I know some people like to start with a blank canvas).

It’s pretty much as the documentation says, except:

  1. Don’t copy the entire Content directory, just:
    • ARToolkit
    • Blueprints/
      • AR_ACtor_TOUCH.uasset
      • ARToolkitBase.uasset
      • ARToolkitBaseAdvanced.uasset
      • Markers.uasset
      • MarkersNFT.uasset
      • Mouse_GameMode.uasset
      • Mouse_PlayerController.uasset
    • Collections
    • Developers
    • Materials
    • Textures/
      • HUD_Custom.uasset
      • LoadingScreen.uasset
    • UI

In World Settings (Windows->World Settings, this appears in the right hand panel), set the Game Mode to Mouse_GameMode.

Drag an ARToolkitBaseAdvanced into the level (it should appear as a camera with a large square plane in front of it, the camera is the Virtual part of the AR view, the plane uses the BaseFeedScreenNoShadow material to display the real-world/video part of the AR view).

With the ARToolkitBaseAdvanced selected, in the Details panel change the “Auto Activate for Player” from Disabled to “Player 0“.

The important parts of the Level Blueprint are “Transform Camera”, “Actor Visibility”, and “Offset for NFT Marker” (assuming you’re using NFT markers – I am).

Be aware I’m also not using non-NFT markers so I’ve removed the relevant nodes for those.

think that’s everything I did to get it working, let me know if I’ve missed anything. Helpful images below.

"Transform Camera" and "Actor Visibility"
Transform Camera and Actor Visibility
Screenshot 2016-04-11 10.11.23
Offset for NFT Marker
ARToolkitBaseAdvanced settings
The ARToolkitBaseAdvanced Settings panel on the right showing the Auto Player Activation set to Player 0.
Screenshot 2016-04-11 10.16.04
The level screen, showing the World Settings panel on the right with the Mouse_GameMode, HUD_Custom and Mouse_PlayerController.