Debugging woes!

A quick update, I’m working towards getting the last major bugs sorted and then I can get to the real work of level design.

I spent a few days last week tracking down a crash bug that wouldn’t occur if the debugger was attached. It’s painful but the only way to deal with those is work systematically through everything that could be wrong and fix it (there was no way to get output around the bug so even printing info to the screen didn’t help much). Bright side – I probably fixed a few things that would’ve blown up later anyway, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

The voice acting is mostly done now, I’ve been wanting to show that off in a short video clip but for some reason nothing seems to be able to record the audio on my machine – I’m guessing something’s got exclusive use of the output so nothing else can grab it, though it used to work, I don’t think I changed anything and I can’t get it to work after hours of trying. I’ll try again later.


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