2 Weeks in

I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of weeks, but not had all the time I’ll ordinarily have due to school holidays. There’s only so much time you can stick them in front of <random electronic device>.

I’ve learned that the blender to UE4 workflow has its pitfalls:

Body-with-inverted-armsWhy are the arms inside-out? I still don’t know. It’s fine in blender. I imagine I’ve got a bone with odd settings somewhere though I’ve tried resetting the roll on all of them already. It can wait, I’ll get back to it. If you happen to know, please say. When I find out I’ll post the answer.

I’ve learned more hot-keys in blender. That is so very useful and saves so very much time.

I’ve now taken two of my children through the Dynamic Spawning/Exploding Cow tutorial and they’ve had fun with it and then come back asking to do it again.

I’ve corrupted a UE4 project so badly I had to start again from scratch after a couple of days spent on it. Oh yes, that reminds me – I need to log a bug report, I’m fairly sure deleting an output and undoing that delete isn’t supposed to destroy your project…


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