Beginning of the Learning Curve

I’d originally been planning on programming my first game in Java for portability but it seems like that wouldn’t be the best plan. So I’m moving to C++ and currently trying out Unreal Engine 4. I had no idea how full-featured UE4 was, it’s possible to create so much without even touching the code.
But still, I’m trying to get my head around some of the more esoteric parts and may need to go to the code level to achieve what I’m aiming for – not that that’s a problem, I was expecting to write the entire thing from scratch.

Right now I’m learning about skeletons/armatures in UE4, which seem to be slightly complicated by using blender rather than Maya. I’m not sure if they’re right for what I’m trying to achieve but I’ll play with it until I know for sure! If they do work the way I need them to they’ll save me a fair amount of work.

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