In Which Progress Has Been Made

I’ve put a lot of time over the last few days into learning more blender and UE4. I feel like I’m starting to get it.

I’ve managed to implement some of the mechanics of my first game, which is faster progress than I’d been expecting to make – what with learning blender more seriously (I’ve used it a little in the past but with no specific aim) and UE4 from scratch.

Turns out UE4 is pretty easy to pick up, the only problem is there’s just so much of it! Though really that’s a good thing – it’s incredibly flexible and simplifies a lot of things that would have been incredibly laborious previously. It’s just learning which of the millions of options to use to solve any given problem*.

I’d been pondering making this first game a creepy/scary/sneaky type game but I’m aiming for more of a fun/arcade feel now. I may well take the concept to another larger game and go for creepy there – I’ve got a lot of ideas for this one.

Only 6 working days to go until I’ve finished my notice and go full time on this. Exciting.


* For any given problem there are more useful combinations of options to solve it than ways to skin a cat.

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