Improved senses

In playtesting, Touch Of Darkness was proving very confusing just to work out which way was up, let alone which way you were facing.

Obviously it’s supposed to be disorienting but it shouldn’t be possible to lose your own hands. That would be careless.

I’ve made some changes so you should generally know where your hands are, and now as you look up and down there’s a faint horizon line that helps you orient.

It’s getting towards being able to navigate your way around a level without relying on luck.


New Audio Dynamite

Not really dynamite, but there are now fire and dripping sounds added to Touch Of Darkness – really adds ambience to the levels and also helps with navigating (quieter/louder as you get closer or further away, 3D audio so you can tell which direction it’s coming from).

Also you can feel the heat from the fire so you know what direction it’s coming from and walls cast a heat shadow so you know when something’s blocking line of sight with it.


UE4 Screen Edge location

I’ve seen various requests for how to calculate the screen x,y coords of an off-screen object and the point on the edge closest to it – using Blueprints.

I saw them because I was looking for a way to do it and didn’t like what I found, so I’ve made my own and I hope this will help others.

Below is a sample of it in use, and the blueprint screengrab below that:



The function:


It returns the point on the edge of the screen that’s between the center of the screen and the target point if you draw a straight line in 3D space between the two. It also takes a margin (0 = no margin, 1 = center of screen, 0.5 = half way between those) if you don’t want to use the actual screen edge for whatever reason. It should cope with different screen resolutions and aspects without any trouble.

It also returns the float angle in degrees heading towards the target – used above to orient the arrows.

Edit: There should be an ABS node in “Use resulting screen coord to find screen edge and angle”, just after the first “+” node. Of course I discovered it immediately after posting this. D’oh.




The current state of Ivanov

Here’s a peek at where I’ve got to with my UE4 Gamejam entry ‘Ivanov’. It’s getting towards being a playable game now, I’m fairly pleased with how it’s going.

You can’t see the cursor, but when the character moves it’s being dragged. Intended to work on tablets.

You leave an egg at each planet. Have to leave at least x eggs in each system but limited amount of time/hops to do it. Different planets give different effects/bonuses, like more time/energy/clones.


Unreal Engine Gamejam


I’m taking part in the September Unreal Engine Gamejam.

It feels like it’s going well so far, I’m pleased with how much I’ve achieved already considering I’ve all the code and assets are from scratch.


Playlist – mainly:

  • Plan B – Stay Too Long [Pendulum Remix], on loop, many times.
  • Robots In Disguise – Turn It Up, on loop, many times.
  • Pendulum. A lot of Pendulum.
  • Random things I can’t remember.
  • Lana Del Ray – Video Games, OL, MT.
  • Comanche – In This Moment. OLMT.

Random Faces

I’ve been working on randomised faces for a future project. I’d like to have a very wide range of different faces possible.

EDIT: Added this animated version of the stills:

RandomFaces2 RandomFaces

There are a number of issues (bad UV maps, limited eye shapes and similar) but I’m pleased with how it’s going.


Story Engine

I’m taking a short break from the game to work on a large background project – a story engine.

Those games that let you make a handful of choices throughout the game that change the ending? (e.g. Skyrim) I’m aiming to make it possible to make any choice you want at any time and have it affect how other characters perceive you and how they interact with you – a universe in which the NPCs have a back story, relationships, motives, hobbies and jobs.

A totally immersive universe in which there could be gods, demons, zombies, super heroes, space travel and aliens or as simple as 3-year-old’s books entirely populated with red balls, small puppies and children playing with both.

I’d also like to add time travel.

Does this sound like something worth pursuing?

Comments welcome!


P.S. For reasons the Engine is codenamed Columbo.



Don’t have a wedding that requires any organisation. It will take much of your time and slow progress significantly. Especially if you make some rather awesome block-printed shirts for the children and best woman featuring their favourite things.